None of us is the finished article. Any leader who thinks they are, clearly isn’t. Sometimes we need to walk our road for a bit with someone who can throw a different light on what’s already there to help it blossom. Companies that invest in their people’s development understand it is about investing in their performance as well as value creation for the organisation.

My signature coaching programme is goal-directed and includes a highly personalised programme tailored to specific needs, challenges and ambitions.

An individual programme usually includes;

  • 12 x 90 minute sessions over 12 months as well as a four month follow-up
  • A three-way meeting with your manager to agree development goals
  • Our sessions are either face to face or via phone/Zoom at a time that suits
  • Unlimited email and phone access for 12 months
  • Assessments of your strengths and leadership style
  • Recommended practices, exercises, reading and networks
  • Post session documentation on next steps and between session resources
  • Final three-way meeting with your manager to review goals met and next steps

If you would like to talk to me about whether my coaching is right for you or someone in your organisation, email me on so we can find a time to chat or meet, there is no commitment or cost.