Seat at The Table workshops are 90 minute virtual, small-group learning and networking sessions that I design and facilitate for women leaders. Limited to ten so we can learn in a tailored way and so you can meet and learn from one another in complete confidence.

Covering important topics from authenticity and authority to reputation-building and presence to help you build powerful career-enhancing skills.

This workshop will teach you how to build the reputation you want with skill to enrich your leadership career!

You will walk away with a thorough understanding of:

• Why reputations are important
• How reputations are created
• How to let people know what you’re good at
• How to build your visibility


1. Visibility Strategies!

• Volunteering for high visibility projects
• Making strategic contributions at meetings
• Who sponsors are and what you need them for
• The power of networking!

2. The power of mentoring

• How mentoring is a statistically significant predictor of promotion for men and less so for women

3. Mentors –sponsorship and development

• What your current experience with mentoring relationships is
• How to improve your mentoring relationships
• How to share the strengths of your mentoring relationships
• How to overcome any challenges you are facing
• Discover what is holding you back from forming the mentoring relationships you would like to have
• Strategies to help you navigate those challenges

4. Why bother with networking? 

• How to sense trends and opportunities
• How to build ties to opinion leaders and talent in diverse areas
• How to work collaboratively
• How to associate with others who have a great reputation

And much more!…