In these terms of business “I/We/Us” refers to Penny De Valk Growth Advisor Ltd, trading as Penny de Valk and “You/the Client” refers to the individual recipient of Services (defined below). In cases where an employer contracts with Us to provide services to one of their employees the employer is referred to as the “Sponsor”.

Our services

We provide the following Services, full details of which are available on Our website::
6 month Coaching Package, including 10 1-hour sessions and unlimited email and phone access for 6 months.

90 minute Mentoring sessions

Virtual Round Tables

Although the Services are specifically targeted at women in or hoping to move into leadership positions We are happy to provide Coaching and Mentoring to persons of all genders/gender identity and, with the agreement of other participants, to include them in Virtual Round Tables. If this is relevant to You please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

All of our Services are delivered virtually by Penny de Valk via email, telephone, Skype, Zoom or Face Time. This means that Services may be delivered and received from anywhere in the world.

Booking and payment

Services are booked and paid for on our website https://pennydevalk.com.

Full payment in advance is required for all Mentoring sessions and Virtual Round Tables.

You may pay for the Coaching Package in two equal instalments, the first instalment payable on booking and the second instalment payable after 3 sessions/3 months, whichever is earlier. Please note that on booking You are agreeing to pay the full cost of the Coaching Package, regardless of whether You make full use of it.

If a Sponsor wishes to be invoiced direct this can be arranged by contacting Us at hello@pennydevalk.com. On payment of the invoice the Sponsor will be issued with a reference number by the payment service provider which the Client can then use to book services via the website Sponsors will be required to pay the full cost of all Services in advance.

All fees and costs advertised on our website are inclusive of VAT, if applicable.


Provided You give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice You may change the date or cancel a Mentoring session or participation in a Virtual Round Table and book an alternative date at no additional cost. If you give less than 48 hours notice You will receive no credit or refund for the Service postponed or cancelled. No refunds will be given for any Service booked.

What you can expect of Us

All our coaching and mentoring is delivered by Penny de Valk. Penny de Valk [or a suitable delegate authorised by her] will also chair each Virtual Round Table.

Anything that You say or communicate to Us during your use of any of the Services will be held in strict confidence by Penny de Valk and by Us. We will not share any information with any third party (including Sponsors) without Your express consent or where we are legally obliged to do so. You should be aware that although treated in confidence no legal privilege from disclosure attaches to communications made in a coaching relationship.

All participants in Virtual Round Tables will be reminded at the start of each session that the matters discussed are to be held in strict confidence between the participants, however We cannot accept any liability for any breach of confidence by any participant.

Please see our Privacy Notice for information about how we hold and use personal data.

What we expect of You

To get the most out of the Services You should be prepared to be open and honest. You must also respect the confidentiality of others. This means that any personal experience that Penny De Valk may share with you in confidence as part of the coaching relationship and anything that any other participant in a Virtual Round Table shares (whether or not they specify that the matter is confidential) should be treated by You as strictly confidential and not shared with anyone else. If you breach this obligation of confidentiality We may decline to provide any further Services to you.

What we expect of Sponsors

We will share any pertinent information provided to us by a Sponsor with the Client, therefore We expect that any briefing or background information that a Sponsor may provide to us when engaging our Services will be shared with the Client by the Sponsor prior to the commencement of the Services. We expect Sponsors to respect the confidential nature the Services and We will not provide Sponsors with any feedback about a Client or details of any other information communicated during the course of the Services without the express consent of the Client.


We will work to the highest professional standards in the delivery of the Services. However all decisions made or actions taken by You are Your sole responsibility. We do not accept any liability for any of Your acts or omissions and You agree to indemnify Us, our officers, agents and employees in full for any loss, cost or expense arising as a result of Your acts or omissions, whether or not these arise from the Services.

Applicable Law

All agreements governed by these terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any disputes.